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  • Lapolis kraze manifestasyon opozisyon an
    Plisyè manifestan opozisyon an blese sou zòn Lali apre lapolis tire gaz lakrimojèn ak bal kawotchou pou te ka gaye foul moun ki tap mande pou prezidan Martelly demisyone. Malgre tout jefö militan ...
  • U.S. wants to avoid one-man rule in Haiti
    U.S. wants to avoid one-man rule in HaitiBY JACQUELINE CHARLESJCHARLES@MIAMIHERALD.COM01/08/2015 5:55 PM01/08/2015 6:50 PMThe United States is calling on Haiti’s politicians to make the necessary...
  • Haiti - Security : It's the Dominican A...
    Haiti - Security : It's the Dominican Army that captured Clifford Brandt !13/08/2014Tuesday at a press conference given at the Primature, the Government welcomed the capture of Clifford Brandt, whose arrival in Port-au-Prince was expected around ...